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Apparel Policy

Team Apparel Policies

Elite Aquatics Sports Team is an Adidas sponsored program.  This means that Adidas partners with EAST in various ways.

The EAST uniform is an Adidas brand Royal blue suit with the  EAST logo and is expected to be worn in all competitions, along with EAST Team apparel.

Our water polo athletes will use suits in accordance with all FINA and USA Water Polo regulations.  For team suit information and ordering,  please contact Beth Diaz at bethdiaz@eastaquatics.com

All EAST athletes are also expected to wear the EAST team swim cap for warm ups, competitions, games and tournaments.

You may wear appropriate training swimwear of your choice for daily workouts, however, females are required to wear a one piece training suit at all times.

Elite Aquatics Sports Team is in accordance with all FINA and USA Swimming rules regulating competition suits, which states:

1. Swimsuits for men may not extend above the navel or below the knee and for women may

not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders or below the knee;

2. Material used for swimsuits can be only textile fabric which is defined as materials consisting

of natural and/or synthetic, individual and non-consolidated yarns used to constitute a fabric

by weaving, knitting, and/or braiding;

3. No zippers or other fastening devices are allowed except for a waist tie on a brief or jammer.


Many of the swimsuits manufactured are no longer allowed under the new rules and care should be taken when purchasing a suit to ensure it does meet the new requirements.


In addition, Southern California Swimming rules dictate that all male suits worn at SCS Age-Group Meets shall not extend above the navel.


The suit policy may sometimes change based on international rules governing suit technologies and all EAST members will be made aware of such changes.

If you have any questions, please talk to your coach.


Thank you for your interest in the Elite Aquatics Sports Team. Our program is made up of both Water Polo and Swimming for all ages and abilities.   If you are interested in joining the Swim Team, a try out will be necessary in order to place your swimmer in the appropriate group.  We do assessments at the Esperanza Pool Deck Monday thru Thursday between 4-6pm.   We offer swim lessons, a Pre-Competitive Swim Team, Competition Swim Team with levels from Junior - Senior.  Water Polo Players are divided into groups: 14&Under, 12&Under, and 10&Under.   For more information, call 714-402-7166 or come by the deck Monday-Thursday 4-6pm and ask for Coach Ashley.


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