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Swim Team

Competitive Swim Team: The Competitive group is our age group team made up of five levels, Junior, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the Senior Team which is the next level for all of our swimmers. Swimmers will move up to the age group team and through the various levels based solely on the recommendation of the coaches. Once the swimmers have begun to participate in meets and have showed steady improvement, they will be moved up to the Age Group Team. Here, they will gradually begin to do more yardage, and the focus will turn to more competitive swimming, including meets. Our goal is to get the swimmers to the level that they can swim in all the “A” level meets. The swimmers will typically progress through the lanes until they reach the top level of the age group. From there, they will be considered for advancement onto the senior team. Age is not a factor on the Age Group Team- development is.


Senior Team: To be considered for this level, the coaches look primarily at three things. First is attitude. This consists of everything from how the swimmers react on deck, to how they interact with their teammates and coaches, and to how committed they are. We expect swimmers at this level to handle themselves maturely and to have the utmost respect for their coaches and fellow athletes. Secondly, we look at practice habits. Do they consistently attend the vast majority of workouts? Do they remember their equipment? Are they able to understand and execute sets properly? Can they handle the intervals used by the Senior Team? The Age Group coaches’ recommendations are very important in this regard. The final factor is performance or meet times. If they are able to do the work and show the commitment, maturity, and desire, then the times will drop. At the senior level, swimmers are expected to participate once a month in “A” level meets. They are also expected to participate in any meets the senior coach feels necessary, (ex. Distance meets). Swimmers at this level are also expected to participate in any National level meet that they qualify for including Zones, Sectionals, the US Open, Senior Nationals, and Olympic Trials. Senior swimmers are expected to compete at the highest level possible. To become a better swimmer, they must push themselves to race better swimmers.

Required Equipment by Coaches:

Junior:  Training Fins, small (Jr) kick board

Bronze:  Training Fins, snorkel, pull buoy, kick board

Silver:  May use training fins or zoomers, snorkel, pull buoy, kick board, paddles

Gold:  Zoomers, snorkel, paddles, pull buoy, tempo trainer

Senior:  Zoomers, snorkel, paddles, pull buoy, tempo trainer, yellow Finis band


For additional information contact coachcollin@eastaquatics.com or 714-402-7166.



Thank you for your interest in the Elite Aquatics Sports Team. Our program is made up of both Water Polo and Swimming for all ages and abilities.   If you are interested in joining the Swim Team, a try out will be necessary in order to place your swimmer in the appropriate group.  We do assessments at the Esperanza Pool Deck Monday thru Thursday between 4-6pm.   We offer swim lessons, a Pre-Competitive Swim Team, Competition Swim Team with levels from Junior - Senior.  Water Polo Players are divided into groups: 14&Under, 12&Under, and 10&Under.   For more information, call 714-402-7166 or come by the deck Monday-Thursday 4-6pm and ask for Coach Ashley.


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